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ARİFOĞLU İNŞAAT Şti ltd., which was born from LORD İNŞAAT Ltd., which was founded in 1986 by Civil Engineers Ahmet Arifoğlu and Mustafa Lord, was founded in 2015 by Civil Engineer Ahmet Arifoğlu and Civil Engineer Nevzat Arifoğlu (father-son).

LORD İnşaat Ltd., which has adopted the principle of accuracy, honesty, finishing the work on time and customer satisfaction, has established Arifoğlu İnşaat Şti Ltd. in 2015 with Ahmet Arifoğlu, Civil Engineer with 41 years of experience, and his son Nevzat Arifoğlu (experience + young and dynamic generation), who is a Civil Engineer.

In the first stage, Arifoğlu 3 and Arifoğlu 4 Apartments were built with the sales method. . Later, Arifoğlu 5-6, Arifoğlu 7-8 and Arifoğlu 9 Apartments were built. Later, Hamitköy Villas project, then Tashkent villas project was completed. Now it continues with the Ceratonia Homes project in the Tatlısu region.


In all the projects it carries out, we are working to produce quality living spaces that are compatible with the future with the mission of adding value to the region where it is located, producing quality products, creating modern and aesthetic living spaces,  producing projects in accordance with customer expectations and serving with the principle of after-sales satisfaction.



ARİFOĞLU CONSTRUCTION, which progresses confidently and devotedly in line with the goals it has set from past to present, - To create a modern lifestyle by targeting the peak in the construction sector with its customer-oriented approach, by following all innovations, by producing projects that are suitable for the needs of the future as well as today, - To contribute to the creation of safe and modern living environments for the society and to increase the quality of life.

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