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Constructions of Our Company, Founded in 1986, by Years:


In 1986

  1. Nicosia Atatürk Indoor Sports Hall (Average 2500 m2) 


In 1987

  1. TRNC Presidential Palace (Average 1450 m2) 

  2. Nicosia Turkish Maarif College Additional Classroom Construction (Average 300 m2) 

  3. Rural Affairs and Cooperative Office Building Construction (Average 950 m2) 


In 1988

  1. The National Struggle and Martyrs' Monument in the Circle at Gönyeli Junction 

  2. Medical and Health Office Building Construction (Average 800 m2) 


In 1989

  1. Renovation of Burnt Warehouses of Eti Enterprises Ltd (Avg. 2500 m2) 

  2. At Ortaköy Exit Vakıflar İş Hanı (Average 1200 m2) 


In 1990

  1. Sedat Semavi Yapı Vocational High School Engine Workshop Construction (Average 800 m2)

  2. Sht. Doğan Ahmet Primary School Classroom Construction (Average 600 m2) 

  3. Atatürk Sports Facilities – Various Works of Stadium (Under Tribune) Constructions(Average 800 m2) 


In 1991

  1. GKK Alsancak Stage Building (Average 300 m2) 

  2. GKK Workshop Construction Dikmen (Avg.550 m2) 

  3. Güzelyurt Fazıl Polat Paşa Farm Warehouse Construction (Average.800 m2) 


In 1992

  1. GKK White House Construction (renovation) (Avg.800 m2) 

  2. GKK Heavy Weapons Division Garage Construction (Avg. 2000 m2) 

  3. Güzelyurt Stadium Roof + Tribune Renovation (Avg.800 m2) 

  4. Barış Mental and Nervous Hospital Roof Renovation (Average 1200 m2)

  5. Consolidation of the dormitory building, which is in a dangerous condition in the Değirmenlik Region of the Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces Command. 


In 1993

  1. GKK Igloo Type Warehouse Construction (Average 2x550 m2) 

  2. Atatürk Stadium Flying Roof Renovation (Average 250 m2) 

  3. TRNC Electricity Authority Building Construction (Avg.2500 m2) 


In 1994

  1. Kyrenia Hospital 5th Stage Construction (Average 700 m2)

  2. GKK Regiment Buildings Workshop Construction (Avg. 600 m2) 

  3. GKK Igloo Type Warehouse Construction (Avg.2x550 m2) 


In 1995-1996

  1. In Gonyeli, Mr. Private Gürses Villa + Pool Construction (Avg. 600 m2) 

  2. Construction of an Apartment Owned by Mr. Şaban Emre in Nicosia (Average.800 m2) 

  3. Y.Ahmet Raşit Ltd. Factory Construction (Avg. 1280 m2) 

  4. Construction of Nicosia Kırıkkale Retired Officers' Club (Average.800 m2) 


In 1997

  1. Değirmenlik Municipality Recreational Facilities Project (Average.800 m2) 

  2. Construction of H.Uluç's Apartment Building in Gonyeli, Nicosia (Avg.750 m2) 

  3. Nicosia Atatürk Indoor Sports Hall Roof Renovation (Average 2220 m2)

  4. GKK Köprülü Region Igloo Type Construction 


In 1998

  1. Güzelyurt Indoor Sports Hall Parquet Flooring and Roof Renovation (Avg.2200 m2) 

  2. Organized Industrial Zone Eximpas Ltd. Factory Construction of Owned (Average.300 m2) 

  3. Mehmet Özçelik's Villa Construction in Gönyeli (B/Arme)(Avg.300 m2) 

  4. Peace Forces Command Ercan Stage Building Construction (Avg.500m2) 

  5. Sedat Semavi End. Vocational High School Additional Building Construction 

  6. Anadolu Hayat A.Ş. TRNC Branch Building Tanzim Inspection Decoration and Electrical Works  (Turkey Is Bank)


In 1999

  1. Akay Türker's Chefs Pastahansi and Villa Construction (Avg.700m2) 

  2. Turkish Embassy Parking Lot and Landscaping (Avg.1,500 m2) 

  3. Renovation of Turkish Embassy Villa Fırtına Residence (Average 500 m2) 


in 2000

  1. Construction of Cumhuriyet Park Walking Paths (Avg.1,100 m2) 

  2. Landscaping of Cengiz Topel Monument (Avg.10,000 m2) 

  3. Turkish Embassy Villa Fırtına Summer House Repair + Additional Construction (Average 500 m2) 

  4. Construction of 2 Summer Houses Belonging to Bahire Gürpınar (Average 250 m2) 

  5. Anadolu Hayat Sigorta A.Ş. Building (Avg.150 m2) 

  6. Building Construction Owned by Babür ÖZAR (Average 100 m2) 

  7. Villa Construction of Yurdael HASAN (Average 300 m2) 

  8. Efes Pilsen Cyprus Dealer Roof Renovation and Landscaping of the Building in Haspolat Industrial Zone (Avg. 700 m2) 

  9. Turkish Embassy Paint + Renovation

  10. Lefke Ataturk Park Arrangement


In 2001

  1. Lapta Youth Camp Guesthouse Construction (Building 540 m2 + Landscaping 1,100 m2)

  2. Güzelyurt Sports Complex Landscaping 1st Stage (Average.3,000 m2) 

  3. Schools Football Field Portable Tribune Platform Construction (Avg.530 m2) 

  4. Anadolu Sigorta Northern Cyprus Branch Building Construction Repair and Decoration Works (Avg.360 m2) 

  5. Civil Defense Organization Presidency Work Centers Construction (Avg.840 m2) 

  6. Milhan KÜÇÜK's Building Construction (Avg. 400 m2) 

  7. Lefkoşa Schools Complex Landscaping and Guard Room Construction

  8. Isbank of Türkiye

  1. Küçük Kaymaklı Branch Building Repair

  2. Guzelyurt Branch Building Repair


In 2002

  1. TRNC Parliament Building Atatürk Bust Construction

  2. Lapta Yavuzlar High School Roof Repair Works (Avg. 1,000 m2) 

  3. Villa Construction of Esat ULUÇ (Average 300 m2) 

  4. KTH Airways Headquarters Building Repair and Renovation Construction (Average 200 m2) 

  5. Ercan State Airport Catering Facilities, Dishwasher Addition and Garage Building Construction of KTH Airways (Avg. 500 m2) 

  6. Ministry of Finance Additional Kitchen Construction 

  7. Gürdağ Brick Factory Roof Renovation (Avg.1,500 m2) 

  8. Çeler Doğrama Show Room Construction (Average.300 m2) 

  9. Elevator and Tower Construction by Artesa Trading Ltd 

  10. Roof Construction of Uğurel Mosaic Factory (Average.1,000 m2) 

  11. Renovation of Niyazi OZANT's Apartment (Average 700 m2) 

 12. State Real Estate Materials Office Stationery Warehouse Sende Construction 

 13. Power Plant Construction Construction for 1st Stage Telephone Distribution Network in Alayköy Organized Industrial Zone  (Average.600 m2) 

 14. Girne Karaoğlanoğlu Villa Construction (4 Houses) (Average 600 m2) 


In 2003

  1. Building Renovation of Salih KARA's Apartment 

  2. Apartment Construction in Ortaköy, Nicosia (Avg. 780 m2) 

  3. Bulent Çamber-İlkay BARDAK's Residential Parking Lot Construction(1st Stage)(Average.300 m2) 

  4. Renovation and Additional Roof of Nail ATALAY's House (Average 280 m2) 

  5. Broker Building Construction in G/Magosa Port Area (Average 300 m2)

  6. Additional Room Construction for the Turkish Republic Aid Committee Building (Average 25 m2) 

  7. Girne Karaoğlanoğlu 2nd Stage Villa Construction (6 Houses) (Average.900 m2) 

  8. Building of Gülcan HÜRSOYLU's (1st Stage) Apartment Building (Average 390 m2) 


In 2004

  1. Artesa Trading Ltd. 

  1. Workshop Building Construction (Average 565 m2)

  2. Show Room Building Construction (Average 265 m2)

  1. Girne Karaoğlanoğlu Villa Construction

  1. Villa with Pool (1) (Average 170 m2)

  2. Villa with Pool(2)(Average 237 m2)

  1. Gonyeli Yenikent Constructions

  1. 3-Storey Apartment (Avg.450 m2) 

  2. 2 Floor Duplex Villa (Avg.400 m2) 

  3. 2-Storey Apartment (Avg.520 m2) 

  1. Apartment Construction in Girne Püsküllü (Average 876 m2) 


In 2005

  1. Gonyeli Yenikent Constructions

  1. 3-Storey Apartment (Avg.450 m2) 

  2. 2-Storey Duplex Villa (Average 400 m2) 

  1. Girne Karaoğlanoğlu Villa Construction(Avg.200 m2) 

  2. Dormitory Building Construction in Lefke Gemikonak (Avg.2,750 m2) 

  3. Artesa Trading Ltd. Show Room Building Addition (Avg. 150 m2) 

  4. 2-Storey Apartment Building in Boza, Gönyeli (Avg. 416 m2) 


In 2006

  1. Gonyeli Yenikent Constructions

  1. 2-Storey Duplex Villa(2 Units) (Average.800 m2) 

  2. 3-Storey Apartment (Avg.415 m2) 

  1. Artesa Trading Ltd. Spare Parts Warehouse (Avg.500 m2) 

  2. Dumlupınar-K.Kaymaklı Constructions

  1. 2-Storey Apartment (4 Flats) (Average 550 m2)

  2. 2 Floor Duplex Villa (Avg. 617 m2) 

  1. Şazi Restaurant L/şa Repair, Renovation and Decoration (Average 1,200 m2) 

  2. Şazi Restaurant Kyrenia Repair, Renovation and Decoration (Average 200 m2) 

  3. Dormitory Building Construction in Lefke Gemikonak (Avg.880 m2) 

  4. Construction of 16 Flats Apartment Building in Gonyeli (Average 1240 m2) 


In 2007

  1. 3-Storey Apartment Building in Gonyeli (Avg. 430 m2) 

  2. Construction of 3-Storey (6 Flats) Apartment Building in Kızılbaş (Average.570 m2) 

  3. Simit Dünyası Metropol Yolu (Average 100 m2) 

  4. in Ortakoy

  1. 3-Storey Apartment Building (Avg.440 m2) 

  2. 2-Storey Duplex Villa Construction (Avg. 430 m2) 


In 2008

  1. in Gonyeli

  1. Duplex Villa Construction (Avg.267 m2) 

  2. Construction of 2 Duplex Villas (Average 360 m2) 

  3. 3-Storey Apartment Building (Avg. 400 m2) 

  4. Construction of 2 Duplexes (Avg.450 m2) 


In 2009

  1. Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.

  1. Gonyeli Branch Building Repair and Renovation

  2. Repair and Renovation of Famagusta Branch Building

  1. Renovation of Anadolu Sigorta Cyprus Branch Building

  2. in Gonyeli

  1. Construction of 1 Duplex Villa (Average 400 m2) 

  2. Construction of 2 Duplexes (Average 350 m2) 

  3. Construction of 2 Duplexes (Average 440 m2) 

  1. Factory Construction B/Arme Owned by Salih TOKSOY in Alayköy, Nicosia (Avg. 1800 m2) 

In 2010

  1. Completion of Sezgin-Niyazi ÖZANT's Apartment in Nicosia 

  2. 2 Duplex Construction in Gonyeli (Average 360 m2) 

  3. Addition and Modification of KT Doctors Union Building 

  4. Shop + Apartment Building (Lord 15 Apt.)(Avg.520 m2) 


In 2011

  1. K.İktisat Bank Karaoğlanoğlu Branch in Kyrenia (Avg.1,200 m2) 

  2. K.İktisat Bank Karakum Branch (Avg.1,800 m2) 

  3. Renovation of Central Branch of K.İktisat Bank in Nicosia 


In 2012

  1. 3 Duplex Villas Belonging to Erdinç LORD in Gonyeli (Average 450 m2) 

  2. Construction of 3 Apartments (Lord16-17-18) Apt (Avg. 1,250 m2) 


In 2013

Villa Construction of Nalan AKAY in Gonyeli/Yenikent (Avg. 450 m2)

In 2014-2015
Arifoglu 3 Apartments

In 2015-2016
Arifoglu 4 Apartments

In 2016-2017
Arifoglu 5-6 Apartment Building

In 2017-2018
Arifoglu 7-8 Apartment Building

In 2018-2019
Arifoglu 9 Apartments

In 2019-2020
Hamitköy Villas

In 2021-2022
Tashkent 5 Houses

In 2022-2022
Tashkent Private Villa


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